Don't be stupid, share
stupidly fast broadband with a friend.

Recommending a friend is a win-win situation – you get money off your bill, and your friend gets a great broadband deal. For every person you get to sign up, we'll give you a month's free broadband. 12 people in a year? Free broadband on us!

How it works?

1. You invite.

Think of a friend. You don’t need to be best friends, any will do. Then enter your details making sure you use the email address you use for your Yayzi account. Then we'll drop you an email.

2. They join Yayzi.

Your friend must follow the unique link and registers with us. They can browse our broadband plans, and if you’re in luck, they’ll choose one. They may need a gentle push.

3. You get free broadband

Once their broadband is installed and they’ve paid their first bill, we’ll give you a months free broadband within 30 days (of bill payment). The more people you sign up the more free months you get.

Join now, it's easy.
Literally any friend will do.

No matter how you know them, refer any friend to Yayzi Broadband. For every person you help join us, you'll get a months free broadband! To get referring, enter your details – then we’ll email you a unique link to share.